5 Tips Finding Halal Food In Foreign Country

Trip on Halal Blog | Finding halal food in non Muslim country can be big problem for Muslim traveller. Because it wont be easy to find halal products there.as well our lack of knowledge about products composition.

Beef Noodle Soup
Beef Noodle Soup

For example, in Indonesia whose majority citizen is Muslim people, some irresponsible person fabricated halal label in their products. This news was written on bisnis.com, Friday, August 28th, 2015. TriponHalal.com. Head of Indonesian Ulama Council in Nusa Tenggara Barat, Prof. Saiful Muslim, said many businessmen in his province that fabricates halal label as well tape it on their products without any permission.

Here, we could learn, even in Muslim country, that problem can be happened, moreover in non Muslim country, right? Not to have negative thinking, but this problem warns us to be more careful in every condition.

Here are5 important tips while traveling abroad for Finding Halal Food In Foreign Country.

  1. Knowing term of haram products
    The biggest reason why we don’t know if the product that we bought was haram food because we don’t know haram products term. Such as pork meat that has many terms, such as pig, swine, hog, boar, lard, bacon, ham, sow, sow milk, porcine, etc.
  2. Choosing store or restaurant based on recommendation and experience of other Muslim people.
    Another step to avoid haram food is finding out about store or restaurant with halal certificate. We also could choose based on recommendation of more experienced people.
  3. Choosing store or restaurant in mosque area or Muslim people’s town
    Choosing restaurant in mosque area or Muslim people town also needs hints. We must know the owner and how to prepare the food. If the owner is Muslim, then it will be more assure as halal food.
  4. Checking for halal product label
    To accommodate tourist with halal food, local government usually gives halal label in halal restaurant. But, we must be careful with fabricated label, so we also have to find it based on recommendation.
  5. Checking food composition
    For in store food, we can check it through label and product composition. Therefore, learning haram term must be learned by us.

That’s 5 tips that we could do while travelling to other country. Hopefully, these tips for Tips Finding Halal Food In Foreign Country will be useful and prepare your itinerary well.


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