4 Halal International Restaurants In Tokyo

Blog.TriponHalal.com | Besides halal Japanese cuisine restaurant, there are also halal international restaurant in Tokyo. When traveling abroad, sometimes, it is difficult for travellers to adjust his taste with typical dishes of the country they are visiting. But, don’t worry, for travelers from Turkey, India, or Indonesia, they could enjoy their country specialties menu when […]


6 Locations for The Best Views of Tokyo

Trip on Halal Blog | Tokyo is a massive metropolis that doesn’t have a single iconic skyline — it has many. Many city skylines are best viewed from the city’s harbor. In Tokyo’s case, the harbor front at Tokyo Bay is mostly industrial areas, port facilities and warehouses. There’s a good view from the bay, […]


Souvenirs You Should Buy in Tokyo

TriponHalal | Beside getting halal food, In Tokyo, where you are able to acquire souvenirs from each and every region of Japan, right here are some souvenirs which can be especially from Tokyo. It is possible to buy some normal items reflecting Japanese culture to things that are at the moment trendy, so definitely verify […]


Tokyo Tower Travel Guide

Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo and one of its most famous sightseeing attractions. It is located in the Shiba-koen district of Minato, Tokyo. Tokyo tower was built in 1958 as both a communications and broadcasting tower and stands at 333 meters in height, which makes it the second tallest structure in Japan. It […]