12 Things You’ll Only See in Taiwan

Blog.TriponHalal.com | Even though Taiwan is officially part of the Republic of China, it is nothing like China. Taiwan has a completely different feel to it and that is manifested in a host of things you’ll see in Taiwan, but nowhere else. All trash in Taiwan needs to be disposed of in expensive pink garbage […]


Why You Should Consider Taiwan for Your First Trip to Asia

Blog.triponhalal.com | A first trip to Asia usually focuses on well-known countries—China, Japan, Thailand—but that’s not always the best way to go. Lilit Marcus shares why Taiwan is a smart landing place for first-time travelers to Asia. Taiwan is not the first destination that most people hit when they visit Asia for the first time. […]


Taiwan Taps Into Growing Markets for Muslim Halal Food

Big Halal Growth Trip on Halal Blog | Already possessing technology know-how and expertise in food processing, Taiwan has through the past decade established a sizable Halal industry. This has become more important, as many Taiwanese suppliers and exporters are poised to make big gains into these rapidly growing Halal food markets around the world. […]


Things To Do in Taipei, Taiwan

Looking for things to do in Taipei? No visit to Taiwan is complete without a stop in its capital. Steeped in history and culture, Taipei provides its visitors with world-class restaurants, picturesque monuments, exotic night markets, and intoxicating temples – all in a safe, cosmopolitan cityscape. There’s a little something for everyone in Taipei, and it’s […]


5 Reasons Taiwan is Asia’s Hottest New Destination

There’s a pretty good chance you’re reading this on a Taiwanese-made gadget – the little islands off the coast of China churn out most of the world’s technological goodies. But if digital industry isn’t your idea of a good time, never fear, Taiwan also has some of the most staggeringly beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, friendly […]


Guide to Muslim Travel in Taiwan – Part 3: Getting Around With English

No Mandarin? No problem! In the third part of our Guide to Muslim Travel in Taiwan, we look at the basics of getting around in Taiwan armed only with your knowledge of the English language. (Here is the second part: Prayers, Mosques and Muslim-friendly accommodation). English In Taiwan Mandarin is the official language of Taiwan, […]


Guide to Muslim Travel in Taiwan – Part 2: Prayers, Mosques and Muslim-friendly Accomodation

In the first part of our series on Muslim travel in Taiwan, we looked at halal cuisine in Taiwan and how to keep your tummy happy. In today’s post, we cover something close to your hearts – observing prayer while travelling. Muslim Friendly Hotel Before you confirm your hotel bookings, it’s worth calling up the […]


Guide to Muslim Travel in Taiwan – Part 1: Halal Food

Taiwan is deservedly one of Asia’s most attractive destinations, with an exciting cityscape, great shopping, fantastic food and an idyllic countryside to boot. But as a nation where most people speak mandarin and pork features heavily on menus, visiting Taiwan as a muslim can feel a bit daunting. After all, if all you know in […]