Why You Should Consider Taiwan for Your First Trip to Asia

Blog.triponhalal.com | A first trip to Asia usually focuses on well-known countries—China, Japan, Thailand—but that’s not always the best way to go. Lilit Marcus shares why Taiwan is a smart landing place for first-time travelers to Asia. Taiwan is not the first destination that most people hit when they visit Asia for the first time. […]


Eating Halal in a non-Muslim Country

Travelling to distant, far-off places is desired by almost everybody. Who could resist the temptation of enjoying a relaxing time with their family, getting close to nature and relishing some new tastes and cuisines? However, for a Muslim to survive overseas, one of their topmost concerns would be the availability of halal food. Well, there’s […]


Changes Needed to Expand Thailand Halal Food Industry in The World Market

Blog Trip on Halal | BANGKOK, 26 May 2015 (NNT) – Plans and recommendations were under discussion today in Bangkok to better develop a strategy to allow Thai Halal food products to better penetrate the world market. The discussions took place at the Muslim World Policies Conference 2015, held on the topic: Muslim World Connectivity: […]


Souvenirs You Should Buy in Tokyo

TriponHalal | Beside getting halal food, In Tokyo, where you are able to acquire souvenirs from each and every region of Japan, right here are some souvenirs which can be especially from Tokyo. It is possible to buy some normal items reflecting Japanese culture to things that are at the moment trendy, so definitely verify […]


Taiwan Taps Into Growing Markets for Muslim Halal Food

Big Halal Growth Trip on Halal Blog | Already possessing technology know-how and expertise in food processing, Taiwan has through the past decade established a sizable Halal industry. This has become more important, as many Taiwanese suppliers and exporters are poised to make big gains into these rapidly growing Halal food markets around the world. […]


Five Halal Food Restaurants Hong Kong Muslims Recommend

Previously we have posted for Top 3 Local Halal Food in Hong Kong. From South Asian classics to beef pancakes and halal dim sum, these down-to-earth restaurants cater to a range of palates. With the fasting month of Ramadan over in Hong Kong for another year, we asked Muslims in the city which halal restaurant they will […]


Things To Do in Taipei, Taiwan

Looking for things to do in Taipei? No visit to Taiwan is complete without a stop in its capital. Steeped in history and culture, Taipei provides its visitors with world-class restaurants, picturesque monuments, exotic night markets, and intoxicating temples – all in a safe, cosmopolitan cityscape. There’s a little something for everyone in Taipei, and it’s […]


Travel for Muslim Man During Ramadan

We have been asked on several occasions about travel for men during Ramadan. We have asked our resident authority for Muslim, Travel, Ramadan. Here is a summary about the rules  for men traveling during this holy time of the year from name of person. Ramadan has begun and Muslims, around the world, are fasting and […]