Guide to Muslim Travel in Taiwan – Part 2: Prayers, Mosques and Muslim-friendly Accomodation

In the first part of our series on Muslim travel in Taiwan, we looked at halal cuisine in Taiwan and how to keep your tummy happy. In today’s post, we cover something close to your hearts – observing prayer while travelling. Muslim Friendly Hotel Before you confirm your hotel bookings, it’s worth calling up the […]


Here the Basics Tips for Muslim Travelers in Japan

While Japan has only a very small percentage of Muslim residents, the number of Muslim tourists has been increasing yearly. Japanese in general are very tolerant towards different religions, including Islam, but there is a wide lack of understanding of the religion and a severe shortage of services and facilities for Muslim travelers. However, with […]


Tokyo Tower Travel Guide

Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo and one of its most famous sightseeing attractions. It is located in the Shiba-koen district of Minato, Tokyo. Tokyo tower was built in 1958 as both a communications and broadcasting tower and stands at 333 meters in height, which makes it the second tallest structure in Japan. It […]


Guide to Muslim Travel in Taiwan – Part 1: Halal Food

Taiwan is deservedly one of Asia’s most attractive destinations, with an exciting cityscape, great shopping, fantastic food and an idyllic countryside to boot. But as a nation where most people speak mandarin and pork features heavily on menus, visiting Taiwan as a muslim can feel a bit daunting. After all, if all you know in […]


5 Halal Japanese Restaurants In Tokyo You Have To Try

Spring is finally here and that means Japan is about to be covered in a pink blanket of cherry blossoms! With the weak Yen, there’s no better time to travel to Japan. Grab your passports and your bags. We’ve found authentic Japanese dishes that are Halal certified! Warning – Do not read this on an […]