Travel for Muslim Man During Ramadan

We have been asked on several occasions about travel for men during Ramadan. We have asked our resident authority for Muslim, Travel, Ramadan. Here is a summary about the rules  for men traveling during this holy time of the year from name of person.

Ramadan has begun and Muslims, around the world, are fasting and finding Allah’s blessings. While it teaches devotion to the Lord and self-control.. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam and despite of its significance, there are conditions that exempt a Muslim from fasting. Traveling is just one of the conditions. Let’s see the rulings of Islam for Muslims who travel during Ramadan.

Can a Muslim man fast while traveling in Ramadan?

It is clearly written and briefly explained in the Holy Qur’an that Muslims who are in a journey during Ramadan are exempted from fasting.

Does a man need to compensate for missed fasts?

A Muslim man who misses the fast due to travel is ordered to compensate for it. He needs to fast after Ramadan a number of days missed during Ramadan.

What if a man fasts during travel?

While it is crystal clear that a Muslim man is not required to fast during travel, it is his personal choice if he thinks that he can bear the hardships of travel while fasting and so, he fasts.

However, it must be kept in mind that Prophet Mohammad (May peace be upon him) said that a Muslim who does not fast at an occasion when conditions are harsh is advantageous. There are other Hadiths as well which show that the Prophet exalted the rank of those who did not fast on a harsh journey over those who fasted. But if the journey is easy for a man and does not offer hardships then it is preferable to fast.

What if a man falls ill before fulfilling the compensation?

If the man falls severely ill that he cannot fast before compensating for the missed fasts then he needs to pay ransom. He has to feed a poor Muslim two meals a day for each fast missed.

Can a Muslim break his fast if he feels so while traveling?

It is allowed to a Muslim to break his fast while traveling. As it is pointed out by Anas ibn Maalik some of the Muslims used to break fast while others used to continue it. But Prophet Mohammad (May peace be upon him) did not forbid any of them.

What if a man dies before compensating for the missed fasts?

If a man falls ill and dies before compensating for the missed fasts, he needs to ask his heirs to pay the ransom on his behalf.

What is a man dies and did not ask to pay the ransom on his behalf?

If a Muslim man dies before compensating and asking his heirs to pay the ransom for the missed fasts, his inheritors must pay the ransom on his behalf from the wealth he has left behind.

Ramadan is the holiest month that provides every Muslim a chance to wash away his sins and collect reward. While fasting during Ramadan is one of the fundamentals of Islam, there are circumstances that set a Muslim free from it. A Muslim must take the convenience that is provided to him as a blessing from the Lord.


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